Can pilots fly if they have coronavirus? Ask Oscar The Pilot
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In today's short Oscar The Pilot post, we will answer: "Can pilots fly if they have coronavirus?".

At the time of writing this article; there were 1437257 confirmed new Covid-19 cases around the world in the past 24 hours. Even though vaccines are out and people take precautions, coronavirus is still spreading rapidly with new variants each cycle.

Despite this, the world has relaxed Covid rules, with airlines like British Airways removing the requirements for masks onboard if the passenger destination doesn't impose it. Many countries are scrapping isolation as an attempt to push back people to everyday life, but the question still remains "Can Pilots Fly if they have coronavirus?"

Can Pilots Fly if they have coronavirus?

The answer at this moment is simply: No, they can't. If a pilot has covid, they will have to follow the government guideline they are, so they would need to stay home if required and call in sick until they test negative again.

Will this change in the future? 

As there are calls for reclassifying COVID as seasonal flu, then I would say that Pilots with Covid can fly as long as they are fit. We'll need to wait and see.

A World Of Covid

Do pilots and crews get temperature checks before flying if they are all vaccinated?

Yes! Even though pilots are fully vaccinated, depending on the airport, they are flying from. Respective airport authorities will need to check their temperature before and after flying.

Is the vaccine mandatory for pilots?

There is no clear consensus on this. Some airlines mandate the vaccines, such as Cathay Pacific, on all crew, and some don't. Few airlines that don't require the vaccine are imposing it implicitly in the form of monthly surcharges for unvaccinated staff, such as Delta Airlines.

I hope this quick answer helps. Keep your questions coming!

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