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This is the third article of a series named "The Complete Guide To Becoming A Pilot".

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We reached the end of this guide. I hope it gave you a firm idea of how to 'create' a pilot. I don't claim that I covered every single thing, but I hope that I removed the confusion on the process of becoming a pilot for the ones aspiring to be, away from all the business-oriented articles, using simple direct language, adding my personal experience to it. Personally, didn't want to write the guide in a very formal language as that would be a bit boring and would match every single other website out there that's talking about the same topics.

If you are reading this during COVID and you lost hope in becoming a pilot, I'd like to comfort you and myself as a laid-off pilot that it will be getting better. Just prepare yourself for the best! Hopefully, the aviation world will exit this dark tunnel very soon.

Nothing is impossible in life, all you need is good preparation combined with good decision-making, and I hope to fly with a fan of this blog one day!

I hope that my articles were up to standards. Feel free to contact me for any corrections or questions!

The End of the Flight:

"This was your first officer speaking" I hope you enjoyed the ride, and I hope you have a lovely journey going home!

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