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I created this blog during COVID times to share my thoughts and talk about my job as a pilot.

With this blog, I'm hoping to unveil the fantastic world of Aviation to all the enthusiasts out there, and in a writing style that feels like someone is directly chatting with you through the screen instead of the standard very formal way of doing it, as I believe that it makes it feel quite authentic.

I have a lot of plans in mind at the moment on what to write in this blog, to name a few:

  • Writing a guide on how to become a pilot to help aspiring aviation enthusiats take the right decision.
  • Let you inside the secrets of Aviation.
  • Answer any question that you got about Aviation in general.

If you have any idea that you want me to write about, please use the contact me form here and send it my way, I'll make sure to credit you at the beginning of the post!

Please note that this blog is not strictly about aviation only. You can consider it a personal blog, my personal public bubble, "An Airline Pilot Breathing Space".

Please note that I do all my writings on my own; I don't have a proofreader, so I do apologise in advance for any grammar mistakes…

Please check out my posts.

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