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Was The MrBeast Jet Video Fake? (NO!) A BREAKDOWN from a Pilot perspective
By Oscar The Pilot | |
When watching the MrBeast video, I couldn't stop myself as a pilot from not identifying the plane featured in the video. In this article, I identify the private jet featured on the MrBeast video and explain what I think happened to it after the shoot ended.
What do Airport Codes Mean?
By Oscar The Pilot | |
Have you ever wondered what's the meaning behind airport codes? Where does JFK, OMG and EGLL come from? And why there is an X in some codes like DXB?
American Airlines New Supersonic Aircraft
By Oscar The Pilot | |
Boom supersonic Overture aircraft will be American Airlines' new Supersonic Aircraft, as the airline recently announced.
Top 20 SAFEST AIRLINES in 2022
By Oscar The Pilot | |
Here is the full list of the top 20 Safest Airlines in 2022, make sure to book your next flight with one of these airlines!
Overture supersonic aircraft will cross the Atlantic in 3 hours
By Oscar The Pilot | |
More information has been revealed regarding the Overture supersonic aircraft. New York to London in 3 hours and half ! Impressive design.
How to Track A Flight? – A Pilot Insight
By Oscar The Pilot | |
If you want to know the flight status of your loved ones or if your next flight will be delayed; you have to know the art of flight tracking. I will show you exactly how you can easily do that.
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